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The Book - Don't Ask Stupid Questions

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

It’s the book I would have wanted years ago to help my confidence. It’s quite different from other books for a few reasons. It isn't presented like other books so there's a different reader experience. Sure, you could make the case that being a little different will hurt the marketing potential, but this book is real, it’s not trying to be a marketing success. This book is about people, not numbers.

It’s written in a way to make you think. It’s short and the language is simple. There's no fluff, it flows fast and to the point. The feedback has been real and specific.

Don’t see this as a book about a topic. Think of it as an idea, a theme. I was asked who my target audience was before anyone saw the book. I was asked what it was about. Wish I could make it that simple. Forget the labels and boxes, read it and you’ll understand why people agree that it is for everyone. You will experience it differently from the next person.

You aren’t being told what to think or how. You’re simply being shown some perspectives in a way that lets you make your own conclusions. It is a very different book but in a good way!

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