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Adventurous. Minimalist. Inventor. Author. Unconventional. Just different. 

Black Sheep is a bit of a curious cat with a tendency to explore fusions of anything without regard for social expectations regarding the ridiculousness of an idea. He has experimented with various occupations technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial.


He seems to be especially talented at being a contradiction. One moment he is giddy with excitement for a science and engineering something or other, the next he’s enthralled with mystical creatures in some fantasy novel. He’ll be meditating and randomly going on unplanned travel, while meticulously planning and preparing projects and processes.


He is presently vexed by his inability to decide what form of little home to try first, a van, a boat, or a Tiny House on wheels…

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CAD design

Savage Engineering Ideas


Personal Growth

Living small

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